Why edIT

WHY edIT Support Technology Services

edIT Support Technology Services was founded on 1 fundamental premise: When technology breaks, you shouldn’t have to worry. Getting I.T. support should be a no brainer; your technician should be on your case fast, they should understand your systems, and they should have you up and running before your organization suffers. At edIT, our team of I.T. Ninjas does just that. I.T. support that’s hassle free, panic free, and at ninja fast speed.

Here at edIT we believe in partnerships. Your I.T. infrastructure, devices, applications and data are as important to us as if they were our own. The team at edIT are uniquely positioned to be able to understand your core needs and be able to design and implement the systems essential to support those needs in an affordable, scalable fashion.

Our partnership approach to technology support takes into account your organization goals, your plans for the future, and your current I.T. infrastructure and resources. By working together we develop strategic plans, targets and benchmarks to put you where you need to be without breaking your budget.

Talk to our team about:
•  Comprehensive technology planning
•  Implementing new systems
•  Reducing costs
•  Getting fast reliable I.T. support
•  Generating systematic efficiencies with technology



edIT’s vision is simple: to change the way you think about I.T. and support.

Technology shouldn’t be scary! You should be getting great support you can rely on at reasonable price.

edIT Technology Support is tailor-made to your organizational needs, maximizing your technology investment by ensuring all your users have access to what they need when they need it.


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