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Phones, TVs, Computer

You had to buy it! Your life would have been incomplete without it! How could you show your face in public with last year’s phone out on display? It’s okay, we understand, we’re nerdy like that too.

We install and setup all the latest and greatest gadgetry:
• Laptops & Desktops
• Smart TVs
• Connected Devices (lights, locks, cameras, players, etc.)
• Mobile Devices (phones, tablets, etc.)
• Home Security












Data Recovery

What would you do if you lost all your data? You could get new friends, or you could pay an arm and leg for data recovery services…. Fortunately, with edIT it need never happen. Let us help you take all the necessary steps to avoid that end-of-the-world feeling.

With our data protection plans we can help you:
• Protect against Viruses
• Defend against spyware
• Backup all the important files, photos, and music
• Prevent the family accessing untrusted content online
• Ensure your data is safe












Integrated Systems

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been in business for years, chances are you have multiple systems controlling various aspects of your organization. edIT believes in efficiency through integration, without having to worry that a single fault will leave you unable to work.
Our integration services provide peace of mind through redundancy and failover. We make sure doors can always open, students can always learn, and sales can always close, while promoting efficiency and cost savings by utilizing an integrated infrastructure.

See how much you could save by integrating:
• Telephony and VoIP services
• Surveillance systems
• Access control
• Data systems

Contact us for your free quote.

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